Women are more than the sum of the men they’re dating

Bron: Flickr/Kalani OdumI finally met a man who knows how to treat a lady. He’s kind, he’s considerate, and he recently spontaneously suggesed to make me some very delicious chocolate cakes – all by himself. What more could a girl want, right?

Well, what I really want is for people to stop making my entire life about him. You see, I made the mistake of posting a picture of him and his cakes to Facebook… And immediately all of my friends and colleagues understood that there is something going on between me and ‘the guy with the cakes’. At first, it wasn’t such a big deal to me, because it’s not like I was trying to hide anything – although we’re not an item. So I thought it was kind of funny when my colleagues kept on aksing about him the next lunch.

All about one thing
But my smile quickly vanished. Two entire weeks have gone by, and when I go to work, when I visit the family or meet up with friends, or even when I cross the frienly neighbour in the hall, they’re all asking the same thing: “How are things with this guy you’re seeing?” Some people even ask me this every single day. And when I tell them that I haven’t seen or heard from him in the last 24 hours, they give me the ‘I feel sorry that it’s not working out’ face.

I genly try to change the topic, like talk about the fact that my life is about more than seeing ‘this guy I’m dating’. I talk about all the charity work I’ve been doing, about the plans for the blogs and about the heavy deadlines I’ve been having the last couple of weeks at work. But even if I try to talk about me instead of him, they change it back: “You know, you have to careful, because he won’t wait forever. You might want to spend more time with ‘cake boy’.”

Don’t push
And somehow only other women act this way. They act as though once you meet a man, your life has to be all about him. And is this really the message that we want to spread? No, it’s not. Because giving up your life for a man is never a good idea. So, I’m asking you ladies not to make other women’s lives about the men that they’re seeing.

If your single friend or colleague meets someone, good for her. Let her talk about the man she likes when she feels like it. Don’t push, because you wouldn’t want to feel like people only care about that man in your life and not about anything else you’re doing, do you? In the end, our lives are way more than the sum of the men we met – and thank God for that. This is an awesome message to share with other women and to enrich ourselves.

What’s your opinion on this topic? Do(n’t) you agree? Let us know, write a comment below!


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