How to find out if he’s a womanizer?

James Bond with two bond girlsYou don’t know him very well, but you can’t help but adoring him after only one deep conversation. You’d take him home right away if you could, even if you’re not that kind of girl. Does that sound familiar? If yes, maybe you’ve fallen for the tricks of a womanizer…

It’s very hard to resist them, but ladies, don’t underestimate a womanizer. They have trained themself in the questionable art of getting women to sleep with them, and they often practice their skills with several women at the same time. So if you fall for this guy, chances are that you’ll be left wondering when he’ll call after he’s had his quality time with you. And if he does call, that won’t mean that he won’t leave you brokenhearted after a couple of weeks. In the end, you are not his priority. What he wants is to boost his ego. Womanizers want power – and in this case they want to acquire it by manipulating women into doing whatever they want them to do.

Did you know that it’s not that hard to figure out if he’s a womanizer? They usually use the same sneaky seduction techniques:

1. He’s taking the initiative to find out more about you

He wants to know all about you, but at the same time he’s not revealing very much about himself. But still, showing interest in somebody is the best way to approach them. You don’t have to ask most people twice to tell something about themselves.

How should you handle this?
Feel free to tell him something more about yourself, but don’t fall for him right away. He has to earn your thrust first. Arrange several dates to get to know him a little better before you decide to give him a chance. If he is a womanizer, he won’t have the patience to wait until you’re finally ready.

2. He convinces you that you both have a special connection

And he can do this in several ways:

  • “So you love black metal? You’re my hero! I adore back metal!” (Don’t be afraid to ask about his favorite bands, favorite songs and why he loves them so much, so you can tell if he’s being honest.)
  • He’s sharing intimate details and says he hasn’t shared them with anyone but you. He says this so that he seems like he’s being genuine. He gives you the feeling that he thrusts you completely, and this makes you feel special. In return, you’ll automatically start trusting him back.

It is essential for him to build a strong connection with you, because he knows that we only fall in love when we notice that we have several things in common. Oké, looks are important as well – and you’ll notice that he does his best to look irresistable – but the better your bond, the bigger the chance that you’ll start to feel sparks soon.

How should you handle this?
You can share stories, but be careful not to share too much. Keep your stories neutral and positive.

3. He confuses you

You will notice that he’ll try his best to seduce you when you just met. He’ll try to keep the conversation going, and he’ll show you that he really likes you. Chances are that when you’re starting to warm up to him, he’ll suddenly turn his back on you. He’s acting as if he’s not interested anymore or he’ll seem destracted – maybe even by another girl, a friend of yours. He knows that this will make you feel very insecure (‘Does he still want me? Or is he into somebody else?’) and that is exactly what he wants you to react. Because he knows you’ll want to have his attention back, and you’ll start taking initiative. And once you do that, he’ll know he’s got you right where he wants you. Maybe you’ll even want to do things that you normally wouldn’t do, like go home with him.

How should you handle this?
Have you come across a man that first seems interested, and suddenly turns your back on you? If yes, you should do the same – turn your back on him. You’re worth more than a man who is either using sneaky seduction techniques or either doesn’t know what he wants.

4. He’s pretending to be mysterious

Us women, we love a man of mystery. The less he reveals about himself, the more we want to know, right? You’ll notice that you’re under the influence of a mysterious man when you start finding him very exciting and you start thinking about him constantly – and at the same time you think that it makes no sense. You’re longing for him, because you’re longing to find out more about him.

One of the techniques that a mysterious man will use to draw you in: he says that he’s attracted to you, but he won’t reveal why. Have you heard him say that he “can’t explain why he’s so attracted to you” or that he “has never had this kind of connection before”? That’s your cue to proceed with caution.

5. He looking deeply into your eyes

This is how he’ll try to convince you that his interest in you in sincere. It will look as though he is looking right into your soul, so it can be very persuading. But he has to have practiced this first, so he’ll know how long he can look into your eyes before it’ll start to look creepy.

How should you handle this?
No, you don’t have to avoid eye contact in order to avoid him charming you with that magical look of his. Enjoy his attention, but keep in mind that he’s using a seduction technique on you.

6. He’s in a hurry

He wants to get to know you as fast as possible. He can’t wait to be intimate with you. He’s so charming, he’s talking about your favorite things, he’s looking into your eyes and he’s creating an intimate atmosphere between you two. You can barely believe that this is happening to you. Normally you wouldn’t leave with someone on the first date, but you know that you probably wouldn’t refuse him – and you’re certainly not the only one.

The passion is definately there, but still he’s not asking you to go home. Is he a sincere man after all? Don’t be fooled by that technique, because not all womanizers will go all the way when they first meet somebody.

How should you handle this?
A ‘haste makes waste’ attitude is exactly what you need now. Because as soon as this player’s had his fun with you, he’ll dump you so he can hook up with his next victim.

Warning: don’t try this yourself

  • Opening up to him
  • Sharing everything with him
  • Canceling other plans for him
  • Seeing him more than once a week
  • Talk on the phone or send messages for hours
  • Falling in love before you know what he’s made of

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