Why summer is the best season to be single

Single women on roadtrip (Photo: Roberto Do Val/Flickr)Predicatble and totally unexpected reasons why you should be enjoying summer this year. Who knows, maybe this list might inspire your summer plans!

1. There’s always someting to do. Beach parties, cocktail bars, event bars, festivals, … you name it.

2. The music is louder and definately sounds more cheerful – or so it seems. Time to go out and dance the night away!

3. They say there’s plenty of fish in the sea. When you go out, you’ll get to see all the fish swimming around. Beware of sharks though.


4. Everybody’s flirty! Have fun and enjoy that single life.

5. This is thé season to meet new people. Why don’t you volunteer at a festival? The perfect way to make new friends.

6. Why don’t you host a party yourself? It’s easier this time of year to round up your friends to…

  • …go out,
  • …have a picknick or a barbecue,
  • …organise water games on a warm summer day (and don’t forget to invite that hot guy you like, because this is thé best occasion to see him shertless),
  • …go to the beach,

7. Organize a swiching event. Invite your friends and ask them to bring clothes they don’t wear anymore, so you can all try them on and exchange. It’s a lot of fun! It’s also free clothing, and who wouldn’t want that.

8. Summer means outdoor cinemas – the perfect date, either for that guy you like or for some quality time with your BFF’s. If you’re in London or planning to go there, we can recommend the jaccuzi outdoor cinema.

9. It’s pool time! Show off what you’ve been sweating for all year in the gym.

10. And it’s the festival season as well! Time to act and dress crazy. Dress for (dating) success.
Step 1: put up your sunglasses and practice that sexy ‘look over the edge’.
Step 2: paint your nails in the brightest possible colors.

il_570xN_935914058_540r11. Take out your ‘boys in books are better’ shirt or that classy ‘out of office’ sun hat and wear it with pride.

12. It’s ice cream and cocktail season. Need we say more?

13. Why not make cocktails, lemonade or yummie foods yourself? It’s also the perfect time to practice your salad making skills. Hmmm!

14. Brighten up the house – buy yourself some nice cheerful flowers.

15. Summer means great weather. Great weather means lots of skin to see… and most of all show. So great weather means it’s (temporary) tattoo time! If you choose your tattoos wisely, you’ll immediately have a topic to talk about when meeting cute men.

16. The sun just keeps on shining. You can hang out much longer without being in the dark and freezing to death.

17. Knowing this, you immediately know that this is the best season to go on spontaeous adventures.

18. Did anybody say ‘roadtrip’? Rent a car and discover the world with your best friend!

19. Or go camping. It’s the best way to get to know your friends a little bit better.


20. Find a nice spot on a sunny afternoon and finally read that book that’s been collecting dust for a while now.

21. Maybe your favorite band or singer will be playing somewhere near you soon. Keep your eyes on the festival updates…

22. Your friends are all out tonight? Take this occasion to go out to a party, bar or festival on your own. We bet you’ll soon be talking to people you come across, because it’s summer and everybody is out having fun.

Need some more inspiration? Check out our ‘Summer of Singles’ Pinterest board.



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