Celebrate being single on Valentine’s Day!

Single girls out having fun in a club (Trouni/Flickr)This week media all over the globe seem to be discussing ways to survive Valentine’s Day as a single. But who said single people should by default hate Valentine’s Day? Some of us don’t. We see the opportunity to gather all of our single friends and celebrate. There are several ways to do that.

1. If you’re making party plans, Facebook is always a good place to start. Check if there are Valentine’s Day parties planned for single people in your neighbourhood. If there are, invite some friends to go check them out. Take the opportunity to dress up.

2. You can also invite your single friends to celebrate Valentine’s Day together. You can throw a party at your house or meet up at another venue.

Tip: if there’s plenty of room, ask your single friends to invite their single friends as well. It’s the perfect way to meet new people.


3. Throw the Bachelorette Party you might never have. (Because, you know, us single girls start to wonder if we’ll ever get married sometimes.) And since Bachelorette Parties are awesome, you might as well throw one already. Here are some ideas:

  • Make cocktails together. Maybe a workshop is a good idea? You might pick up some new skills. A cooking class or cooking together at home are nice alternatives.
  • Visit a psychic and ask all those questions you’ve always wanted to ask. “Will I ever meet a nice guy?”
  • Make a bucket list, listing up all the things you want to do in life. When you’re finished, compare it to your friends’ lists. Maybe there are wishes you can fulfill together?
  • Have a game night – as in ‘drinking games’. Every time you lose in games like Pictionary or Twister, you empty another shotglass.
  • Challenge eachother if you’re having drinks in a bar. Who will get the hot guy’s phone number first?

Tip: discover more Bachelorette Party ideas here.

How To Be Single movie 2016

4. In case you didn’t know: celebrating Valentine’s Day is not about exchanging gifts. Having a good time with people that you love is more important. So don’t suggest buying eachother gifts. Instead, spend your money on doing something you all love.

  • Go shopping.
  • See a movie together.
  • Watch your favorite romantic movies on the sofa.

And remember that a box of chocolates can’t say ‘I love you’ any more than a bag of popcorn can.

Tip: the movie How  To Be Single is just out. Watch the trailer here.


5. Why not book a girls weekend away? It doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t have to be booked months before leaving either. There are even possibilities for last minute deciders.

  • Plan a trip to another country. We suggest somewhere warm with plenty of party possibilities, like Ibiza or Las Vegas. Try to avoid classic romantic destinations such as Paris and Venice.
  • Make a roadtrip and go glamping or camping in the woods. No electricity is a bonus. Especially if you or one of the girls is getting over a bad breakup. By the time you’re back home, all the romantic posts will probably have vanished from your Facebook wall.
  • Volunteer to take care of animals for a day. You can help out on a farm, in a zoo or you can even take a workshop ‘cow hugging’. Apparently it’s very relaxing.
  • Give your body and mind a chance to relax in the traditional way. Visit a spa with your friends and who knows, you might get massaged by some hot guy. That’ll definately make you feel good.
  • Host a good old fashioned sleepover. They’re cheep and always fun!



6. If you don’t feel like celebrating with friends, you can always celebrate Valentine’s Day by yourself – because, you know, loving yourself is important too. You don’t need a lot to make it memorable. Buy yourself some new flowers, do something you love, watch your favourite movie or go buy those delicious pastries you’re always staring at when you’re in the bakery. Because you’re worth it 😉

7. Whatever you do, avoid restaurants as much as you can. They’ll be all filled with couples acting romantic and the food prices will probably be insane. Instead, cook something yourself/yourselves or visit your favourite pizza man. Chances are he’s feeling lonely or sad because he has to work on Valentine’s Day. Cheering him up will make you feel good as well.


8. Visit your grandparents. It’s always nice to be with family, right? Besides, chances are your grandpa thinks Valentin’s Day is far too commercial and he might refuse to celebrate it. If that’s the case, your grandma will probably be needing somebody to complain to. If you’re there to listen to her, both your grandma and your grandpa will be grateful for that. Your grandma might even sigh and say you should be happy that you’re still single (which might make this year’s Christmas party more enjoyable for you). After your visit, you’ll feel better about being single. And everybody’s happy!


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