Top 10 #singlelife tweets of 2015

This year, we made the resolution to frequently retweet the best tweets of the Twitter hashtag ‘singlelife’. They made us feel good about being single, they made us feel powerful, but most of all: they made us nod and laugh.

@HeartTruly: I may not have a boyfriend to keep me warm this fall, but I’ve got fuzzy socks and a laptop that overheats. ?

@EHartTweets: I’m not walking through life alone, I’m running through life and no one’s able to keep up.


@AmyBeth0792: You say “single” like its a bad thing, but all I see is freedom.

@SinglesDaNewBlk: It’s not you, it’s my horrible taste in men.

@eDatingDr: Chase Your Dreams, Not Your Boyfriend!


@Reyacarandang: I get sad when I get reminded that I’m single. But then I remember that I’m single and I get happy again

@Drugich: The good single life: you can fart in bed and no one is there to complain about it


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