Single living problems solved

Sometimes it’s hard being a single lady. You love having the freedom of living on your own… except when there’s a gigantic spider on the wall or when you can’t seem to open a jar. That’s when these single girl life hacks come in handy.

8eb87b1fba6566150dc9fa22c1b90e42[1]You can’t seem to get your dress zipped up. There’s nobody around to give you a hand.
Thank God you always have safety pins and rope around. First, take a safety pin and put it on the zipper of your dress. After that, you put a piece of rope or ribbon on the safety pin. That way it will be very easy for you to zip your dress up yourself.

When you’re done, you can either remove the safety pin from the zipper or tuck the piece of rope away on the inside of your dress. If you used a thin piece of rope, people probably won’t notice a thing. And if they do, you’ll get to explain the trick and they’ll probably admire you for being a strong woman who finds creative solutions for difficulties.enhanced-21665-1413580809-3[1]

Same things goes for your bracelets. “How do I get these things on with only one hand free?!”
It’s actually easier than you might think. Turns out paper clips are a great tool to help you put your bracelets on. Put one end of the paper clip through the end of your bracelet. Take the paper clip with one hand in order to keep the bracelet in place. That makes it very easy to get the bracelet locked with your other free hand.

enhanced-buzz-27774-1413230998-4[1]Lost one of your earrings?
You can’t do much with the one remaining earring, can you. To prevent your earrings from getting separated, you can use buttons to keep your earrings together. And if you lose the buttons, at least you’ll have lost both earrings at a time, instead of remaining with one earring you don’t want to throw away because maybe one day you might still find its sibling. And if you’re really afraid to loose the buttons, you can always keep them all together with a piece of rope. That might be a good way to hang them as well.

desktop-1406690634[1]When doing your hair, you can’t seem to find a single bobby pin – and you recently bought a new supply.
A magnetic strip on the wall can work miracles. You’ll never have to look for your bobby pins again. Plus it’s very easy to take them off whilst doing your hair.

p685t[1]There’s a gigantic spider on the wall! You’re terrified of spiders.
Fortunately there are several ways to deal with them. You can remove the spiders by using your vacuum cleaner (my favorite), put a glass on top of them and slice a piece of carton beneath the glass so that you can pick the spider up and put it outside. You can also hit them with a shoe, but chances are the spider will get away if you’re not good at aiming.


“Damn!” Your friends are visiting and you don’t seem to have a bottle opener around…
But fortunately your eyelash curler can still save the day. That’s no joke. Eyelash curlers make great – and very stylish – bottle openers. You should try it sometime.

You can’t get the jar of pickles open. And that sexy neighbour of you just happens to be out with his even sexier friends.
An emancipated woman should be able to open her own jars, you know. And the good news is that you won’t have to start bodybuilding in order to achieve that. It’s actually rather simple. You take the jar and bang the lit (softly) against the edge of a table or counter. Repeat this for about 10 times, until you hear a click in the lit. Opening the jar will be peanuts after that.

You used to eat a lot of fruit – because your mum was around to remind you how healthy it is. These days, you have to throw away the apples you buy after a couple of weeks.
Let me guess… your fruit basket is standing somewhere you don’t see it very often. So take the basket (or go buy yourself a pretty fruit basket if you don’t have one) and put it in the center of the room that you spend the most time in. You’ll notice that you’ll automatically start to eat more fruit. Also, making fruit salads is a good way to get yourself to eat more (kinds of) fruit. And it’s delicious!

Are you experiencing any problems you’d like to find a solution for? Let us know in the comments and maybe we’ll help you find a solution.


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