Magic Mike XXL turns out to be XXS

Magic Mike XXL is the perfect excuse for a girls night. We’ll bet none of your friends will cancel last minute. Unfortunately, this stripper blockbuster didn’t seem to meet our low expectations.

Low expectations, indeed, because nobody watches a stripper movie for its amazing dialogues. And indeed, we’d prefer a bad story to a lack of (semi-)nude scènes every day – certainly if Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello are in them. But that shouldn’t be an excuse to make a bad movie. Magic Mike XXL is nothing compared to its predecessor.

In the first Magic Mike movie, we met a – yummie – young man who winds up in the stripper world – a world reigned by sex and drugs. His stripper buddy falls in love with his sister. It’s not the most original story ever, but it’s good enough for a stripper movie. The sequel goes like this: the strippers are getting older and want to go out with a bang, an awesome last show. And there are some other small stories related to this, but unfortunately they don’t add any value to the movie.

For example, Magic Mike and his friends interrupt somekind of cougar ‘girls’ night, where they end up having conversations with the middle aged women. They also visit an exclusive club where women go wild and throw dollar bills like they’re terminal millionaires.


Not just the story, but also the dialogues make no sense at all. Never did I ever long so much for a fast forward button. An example:

Mike: Look, I love you guys. This trip has been ridiculous and amazing. So please, do not make me give the whole ‘it’s not about how we go out there and do it, it’s about getting to go out there and do it together’ speech that I just gave you. What are you? You’re not a fireman.

Big Dick Richie: I’m a male entertainer.

Mike: Oh yeah, what are we?

Everybody: Male entertainers

Rome: Hey, hey, hey, hold that up. Look, it’s not bro time, it’s show time. Are you guys ready?

Thank God for the scenes where Channing Tatum and the gang don’t need a good story and fiesty dialogues to keep us entertained. They also don’t need much clothes. A couple of well-studied yet sexy dance moves, and we’re sold. These are the scenes that have been filmed excellently. The images are stunning.

10.21_ 2765.NEF

Humor, that’s something else Magic Mike certainly knows how to seduce us with. The scene where Joe walks into a store and suggestively sprays a bottle of water around, is in our opinion the movie’s highlight. You can see this highlight – and all the others in this movie – in the trailer. And you shouldn’t expect more than exactly the scenes you have seen in that trailer.

Our conclusion? Take a look at the trailer here and watch the first Magic Mike again. You’re welcome!

Went to check it out anyways? Share your opinion on Magic Mike XXL in the comments section below!


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