What you should do now that you’re single

Thomas ZUMBIEHL/Flickr

Copyright: Thomas ZUMBIEHL/Flickr

It happened… After a couple of months or years in a relationship, you’re single again. Of course you’re not yet over your previous relationship and you’re not settled into your new single life yet. What you should do now? We’ll give you the inspiration you need to get started.

1. Pimp your house
The first thing Jennifer Aniston did after breaking up with Brad Pitt? Renewing the house. It became an extra feminine bachelor residence. We think that’s a great idea, so if you feel like following her example: go for it! Buy new bed sheets in your favorite colour, decorate the living room witch candles and everything you like and put pictures of your friends and family on the wall. Limitless possibilities.

2. Back to (evening) school
You’ve always wanted to subscribe for a cooking workshop? Or would you like to get a degree in designing underwear? Now that you’re single, you can take time to explore your interests. If you’re be able to combine school with work and going out, that is.

3. Experimental cooking
If you’re not cooking for anyone besides yourself, you can make whatever you want. Feel like making a strawberrie dessert with an XL amount of chocolate? Take the opportunity!

4. Ladies nights
Being single means having more time to spend with friends. You can hang out whenever you want, if they’re available ofcourse. Our top tip: have a ladies night at home once in a while. It can be a wine and cheese kind of evening, a game evening, or even a night of watching romcoms non-stop.

5. Go out whenever you like
Going out is a must when you’re single again. It’s the perfect way too see what you’ve (not) been missing out on this entire time. Maybe you’ll even see old friends and get to reconnect with them. Or maybe you’ll get to know new people that you can go out with.

6. Watch your favorite series (again)
We can all think of a tv-series or movie we would love to see (again). Make a list of all the series and movies you want to watch someday… and get started!

7. Live in the spur of the moment
You’re having a day off and nobody seems to have time to hang out? Grab your bag and go to the beach, to the shopping street or somewhere else. Spontaneous trips are often the best. They help you to empty your mind, relax and feel free.

8. Travel solo
Traveling solo is one of the top travel trends for 2015. No wonder, because you’ll definately meet plenty of new people and you get to know yourself a little better as well. Don’t feel like traveling around the world on your own? Travel agencies have a solution for that: group travels for single people.

9. Volunteer
As a volunteer, you’ll meet likeminded new people and you’ll get to do something good for society and/or for the planet. Do you love dogs? Then maybe you should volunteer to go dog walking at your local asylum.

10. Try to save a bit as well
No, it’s not easy. Shoes, dresses, jewelry, … it’s everywhere and it looks so damn tempting. We would love to buy it all. But if you’re single, life can get pretty expensive. So enjoy your life to its fullest, but try to save some money as well.


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