And the Single Life Award winners are…

When you’re watching series on television, chances are you’ll see either a cute couple totally in love, depending women that are overshadowed by (their) men or singles feeling sorry for themselves. That doesn’t exactly make you feel good about being a single woman.

But… tv shows can be different. They can make us feel proud about being independent. And they can be very inspiring. We thought it’s about time we give those wonderful series a big thumbs up, so we decided to award the very best series for single women. Hopefully they will inspire you and maybe even some television makers. Make sure to check out our winners!

All you need is Jani








In his television show All you need is Jani, funny gay stylist Jani helps single ladies to look absolutely stunning and feel great about themselves. But this is not just a ‘let’s get you a nice dress and different hairdo’ kind of makeover show. Jani and mental coach Ilse change lives with their tips, for example on how to approach people or how to date better. Depending on what they need most to improve, candidates get courses on how to walk on high heels and Ilse helps them to deal with whatever is holding them back to enjoy life to the fullest.

Point of improving: unfortunately this show is only for singles who long for a new relationship. Wether they get one seems to be the parameter of the episode’s success. That’s a pity, because not all single women feel like they need a boyfriend in order to have a nice life.

Award winner because… the candidates’ stories are diverse but recognisable, and so are the tips. We’ve already made changes in our lives by merely watching the show, so keep up the good work!









Mistresses is a series about the life of young women who are all friends/sisters. They each have very different backgrounds, relationships, careers and characters. And yet they are all very interesting and independent personalities. April is raising her little girl on her own, Joss is not afraid to experiment and enjoys life in the process and Karen and Savi both built succesful carreers.

Point of improving: after Savi’s marriage is over, she’s suddenly dating the guy she cheated with. And while they are together, she’s secretly off with another man. The image portrayed is that of a woman who constantly desperately needs a man that she can count on. She’s emotionally depending on them and seems to be afraid to live life on her own. We’re secretly hoping that she’ll realize that single and independent life can be totally awesome.

Award winner because… every woman has her weaknesses, and so do these. But in spite of that, they are all very strong in their own way. There’s always a positive vibe. Mistresses is a colorful and sexy series which still has plenty of room for the recognisable day to day storylines.












Scandal is a politically inspired series about the adventures of crisis manager Olivia Pope and her ‘gladiators in suits’ of her firm Pope & Associates. It shows us the dirty politics in Washington, combined with Olivia’s secret relationship with the most powerful man on the planet: the president of the United States.

Olivia represents the independent woman of this century who handles the impossible and who stands up for what she believes in. It’s however not all fun and games, because we can see Olivia’s weaker side as well. It reminds us that we can give it our best shot, but in the end we’re all just human.

Point of improving: well… actually… we can’t seem to find one.

Award winner because… of this particular quote that women embraced and repeated massively: “I am not a toy you can play with when you’re bored or lonely or horny. I am not the girl the guy gets at the end of the movie. I am not a fantasy. If you want me, Earn me!”

Each Scandal episode contains quotes that make us proud to be a woman in the 21st century. They inspire us and make us think about it. We’re sure you feel the same way, because Olivia Pope’s oneliners are all over the internet.

Do you agree with the results? Who would you like to nominate for next year’s awards? Let us know in the comments below!


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