6 Dublin pubs for single ladies

If you’re looking to have the time of your life, you should definitely visit Dublin. The Irish capital offers plenty of nice shops and museums, but most of all: nice, handsome Irish guys. The best way to get to know them? The pubs of Dublin, where meeting people goes hand in hand with splendid live music. Make sure to visit the following pubs.

1. The Quays
If you’re looking for a good time, The Quays is the place to be. This pub has live music every night – and the musicians are very talented ànd good looking. Check YouTube for the evidence. The atmosphere is nice and it’s easy to meet new people.

2. The Oliver St John Gogarty
Feel like hanging out in a traditional Irish pub with traditional food and live music? The Oliver St John Gogarty is a fine pub, perfect to chill with friends or sing along with covers.

3. Temple Bar Pub
Temple Bar Pub is the number one in the Dublin pub area – which is named ‘Temple Bar’ after this pub. This bar has something for everybody: a live music area, a restaurant area and great atmosphere. It offers the perfect setting to meet the man of your dreams… or to have a nice evening out with the girls.

4. Whelans Pub
You’ve seen the movie PS I Love You, right? And you probably wet a handkerchief too when Gerard Butler’s Gerry died. Did you know that part of the movie was shot in a Dublin pub? It’s Whelans, to be exact. And the magic of the movie is definitely there. The pub even has a separate room for gigs, where you can check out the hottest musicians… and take them home if you like.


5. O’Donoghue’s
Next to Temple Bar Pub, O’Donoghue’s is one of the busiest – and biggest – places in town. That means lots of people to meet. It’s a nice place to go out and have fun. And who knows, maybe you can drink a pint with U2’s Bono. He visits the bar from time to time.

6. Cassidys Bar
If you’re not into crowded places and partying, you should check out Cassidys Bar. This pub has been nominated for Bar of the Year for several times. And it’s a nice place to have drinks (or go on a date). Love that interior decoration!

Have you been to Dublin? Let us know in a comment which pubs you liked best!


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