Spot hot guys before you’ve even left on holidays



You’re making plans for your next holidays. You book your hotel, plan sightseeing routes past all the touristic landmarks and… you check if there will be hot guys in the neighbourhood. No better way to find out if you’ll need to pack your most flirty outfit. Sounds good, right?

Our ultimate travel guide is already available, thanks to photographer Giuseppe Santamaria. He is the author of the book Men In This Town, which collects pictures of unique men in the streets of a.o. London, Sydney, Milan and Tokyo. And for those of you who don’t like books, there’s also a MITT magazine and blog.

These tools help you get an idea of which men will be parading in the streets before you’ve even left on holidays. Or better yet: Men In This Town can help you decide where to travel next. For example Sydney suddenly became our favourite holiday destination – and not because of its beautiful Opera House.

Title/authorMen In This Town – Giuseppe Santamaria
Price: 14,88 dollars (14 euros)


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